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July 18, 2024
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Total Immersion Digital Audio Training

If your station is planning on going digital, SOUNDPRINT's experienced audio engineers can get your stations reporters and producers up to speed with the latest digital audio workstation software.

From one-on-one intensive training to small group sessions; our affordable training can be customized to meet your stations needs.

Contact SOUNDPRINT for info, training dates, and pricing for customized sessions at:

Voice: (301) 317-0110
Fax: (301) 317-6794

To join our mailing list to recieve information about training dates, please send a message to in the BODY of the message put the words 'subscribe training'.

  • What you'll learn
  • How to get to SOUNDPRINT
  • Where to stay once you're here

    Digital Audio Production Particpants have had this to say...

    "I love the composition of the class... the small number of students allowed for individual attention as well as the opportunity to learn from the others..."

    Radio for between the ears
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