Let's Call the Whole Thing Off
Producer Chris Brookes looks at the economic history of the tomato wars between the U.S. and Canada. It's a story of trade wars and cultural values as we follow tomato growers in Canada and Florida. Winner of the Best News/Documentary from the New York International Festivals.

Money in the Family
Follow the Roberts family as they immigrate to Canada from the U.S. in pursuit of greener pastures, and hear how their financial viewpoint changed dramatically. Producer Lisa Simeone tracks parents and children through financial decisions on both sides of the border.

Trading in Tulips
Since the first tulip bulb arrived in Holland from Turkey in the 1500s, the Dutch tulip trade has been a mainstay. Now, tulip growing is going back to Turkey - and to China - thanks to scarcity of land and new pesticide regulations. Producer Michelle Ernsting of Radio Netherlands brings you the story as told by a Dutch family with a 150-year history as tulip growers.

Marathon Story
Hear the grunts and "see" the sweat as producer Andy Clark of Radio Netherlands shares his radio diary of physical and mental conditioning to become a marathon man. Along the way, he questions his sanity, as well as his muscles, lungs and joints. Why oh why is he doing this? Find out as he crosses the finish line at the Rotterdam Marathon.

McDonaldization of Hong Kong
In Hong Kong Chinese food is considered the best in the world. So why do so many locals choose burgers, pizzas and fried chicken? Radio Hong Kong's Hugh Chiverton talks to the man who brought fast food to Hong Kong, who tells how Hong Kong is selling it right back to America.

Cafe Culture
Any way you drink it - late, skinny or tall - all coffee started out as a bean. Journey with producer Judith Kampfner from a plantation in Costa Rica to your favorite coffee bar, and sip on some of the secrets of this sacred brew along the way.

One Potato More
Once, Tasmanian potato farmers in Australia made a decent living selling produce at open-air markets in Sydney. Now, they sell their potatoes to McDonald's and barely get by. Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Roz Bluett reports how one man is trying to change that.

I Married the Masons
The suburbs of Australia are littered with Masonic halls. What conspiracy theory would be complete without a link somewhere to Masonry? In this docu-fiction, producer Natalie Kestecher uncovers secrets of modern Masonry as she chases men in aprons -- through her dreams. Produced for the Australian Broadcasting Company

Big in Japan
Every year thousands of Americans pack their bags and move to Japan in hopes of making it big in the lucrative industry of teaching English,. Meet a few members of this eclectic, often comical subculture - from the well intentioned to those drawn by the high pay. Producer Rob Hilton leads the tour through their surreal world.

Josh is Filming
Czech producer Zdenek Boucek follows Joshua Gray as he films his final project for the FAMU Film Academy in Prague. Together, they explore the influx of Americans coming to the Czech Republic and their experience of a nation's turbulent change.

This is part of our special international collaboration called Global Perspectives: Faces of Globalization. Other shows in the Global Perspective series include shows by: