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Global Perspectives: The World of Crime Series
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June 15, 2024

     Global Perspectives

Join us for a gripping look at crime taking place around the globe, from identity theft in England, to gangs in Hong Kong, to women being trafficked in the Netherlands. The series embarks on a multi-dimensional exploration of crime including the forces that drive crime, the interplay between perceptions and reality, and cutting-edge rehabilitative programs for offenders.


Listen Online The Changing Face of Neighborhood Crime produced by Askia Muhammad and Katie Gott
Is crime in the eye of the beholder? A look at how neighborhoods change as new people move in, when urban dwellers go to the suburbs, when preconceptions about race and class begin to fuel perceptions that crime rates are rising.

Listen Online Identity Fraud produced by Simon Cox of BBC World Service
Is your personal information secure? Hear from four victims whose financial identity proved not to be as protected as they thought.

Triads and Film produced by Sarah Passmore of Radio Television Hong Kong
Enter the Hong Kong Triad "Underworld, where actors, directors, and police describe the gang control of the film industry in the 1990s when a whole series of murders, beatings and dodgy dealings went down. Find out the extent to which Hong Kong has been able to break free of these groups.

Listen Online Running with Atalanta produced by David Swatling of Radio Netherlands
The number of women trafficked and exploited in the sex trade annually in Europe is estimated to be as high as 700,000. In the Netherlands, these women face a conflicting system where prostitution is legal, but where, viewed as illegal immigrants, they are treated as criminals.

Born Free produced by Natalie Kestecher of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
An unprecedented rehabilitation program where inmates in a medium security prison on the outskirts of Sydney look after injured wildlife, and animals seized by Customs.

Mobile Phone Theft produced by Sena Atoklo of Joy FM
Join us as we go on the trail of Ghana's mobile phone thieves.

Listen Online Restorative Justice produced by Halina Ogonowska-Coates of Radio New Zealand
This program follows both sides of a case where the perpetrator of the crime meets his victim, a form of justice increasingly being used in New Zealand. See how Restorative Justice works in practice, and the emotional impact on the victim and perpetrator, and others involved.

The Reason I'm Here produced by Jane Farrow of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
A story about three women, raped by the same man. Three women who made very different decisions - privately and publicly - about how to deal with the attack on their bodies and their lives.

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