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July 18, 2024

     Global Perspectives

From the do's and don'ts of dating to unprotected sex to cross cultural relationships. Join six international broadcasters as they bring us stories of Romance from across the globe.


Listen Online The United States of Dating produced by Gemma Hooley
From cupid cab drivers to love on the Internet, one producer's quest for real stories of how people meet each other in today's dating environment.

Listen Online Burning Embers produced by Bob Carty of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Hog's Back Park, Ottawa, Canada. It's where Sherman and Marie fell in love back in 1932. But it would take 70 years before their story found a happy ending.

Listen Online The Darker Side of Romance produced by Esther Armah of the British Broadcasting Corporation
Having a boyfriend or a girlfriend is the dream of teenagers everywhere but, in Britain there's a bleak side to the story...the alarming rise in Sexually Transmitted Infections among young people.

Listen Online From Brooklyn to Banja Luka produced by Dheera Sujan of Radio Netherlands
Why a loud, flamboyant New York Jew traveled around the globe to marry a loud, melancholic Bosnian Serb, a girl just like his mother.

Listen Online The Sobbing Celebrant produced by Natalie Kestecher of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Producer Natalie Kestecher thought it might be useful to have a few options up her sleeve if she ever decides to stop making radio documentary features. So, she decided to become a marriage celebrant. In the process she had to come to terms with the modern wedding.

Listen Online Mixed Blessings produced by Sarah Passmore of Radio Television Hong Kong
A look at why in these days of racial tolerance, it is still relatively unusual for Chinese men to marry Western women.

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