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July 18, 2024

     Global Perspectives

A provocative look at health care around the world. Aging issues, life and death matters, public policy and personal decisions. We have more in common with each other than we realize. SOUNDPRINT offers a health "check-up" in a groundbreaking global collaboration of the world's best documentary producers. Tune in for a screening of health issues from around the globe.


AIDS in Haiti produced by Lakshmi Singh
In the early years of the pandemic, Haitians were singled out as one of the highest risk groups. The stigma remains today: for mothers in the countryside; sex workers in the city, and immigrants to the U.S.

Hot Flash produced by Alisa Siegel of the CBC
The story of seven menopausal women who have continued to undergo Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) despite its links to heart disease, stroke and breast cancer.

Overnight in a Trauma Center produced by Kyla Brettle of the ABC
An around-the-clock look at what it means to work in one of the most stressful, yet most important departments of a hospital.

London: The Superbug Capital of the World? produced by the BBC
How one hospital in London is fighting against a fatal bacteria that has been spreading through its wards due to poor hygiene practices.

Sick at Heart produced by Dheera Sujan of Radio Netherlands
The Netherlands is statistically the sickest country in Europe, if you look at how many people are on disability. What makes the Dutch disability system so unique?

Korle-Bu Hospital produced by Joy FM's Akwasi Sarpong, and Colin Grant and Gillian Gray of BBC World Service
For the first time, our international collaboration is joined by Ghana's radio station Joy FM. We look at how patients and doctors in Ghana are trying to make due with inadequate resources, lack of funding, and an inaccessible health care system.

A Bird in Hand produced by Hugh Chiverton and Sophia Yow of Radio Hong Kong
In the wake of Avian flu outbreaks, Hong Kong has instituted new health regulations on the sale of fresh chicken. But how are businesses and consumers dealing with measures that go against habit, culture and tradition?

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